Wednesday Wireless - May 24, 2017

Wednesday Wireless - Immanuel's Weekly News Update

Pictures on Sunday!

Our new rector, Chris Miller, has asked for a picture of you and a brief note about yourself and what Immanuel means to you. As part of this effort, Jimmy Hicks will be taking pictures after church on Sunday, May 28. We are trying to work quickly to gather our information. Please send your submission in to Britton Trimble, Parish Administrator, at as soon as possible, and please include your best email address and your best phone numbers.

Parish Office Hours for the Coming Week

The Parish Office will be closed Thursday, May 25 - Monday, May 29. The Parish Office will be open 9am-2:45pm on Tuesday, May 30. Regular Parish Office hours, which are Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-4pm with a 1pm-2pm lunch break, resume on May 31. We hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day holiday!

End of Year at Cherub School

The Cherub School is about to complete another year of school.  It is such a blessing to be a part of this ministry of Immanuel and we appreciate the support of the parish and the parishioners.  This year we have served over 70 children in our community!  We are expecting even more next year, and a full house for summer camp in July.

During our days at Cherub we participate in a variety of activities that include the entire church property.  This spring alone we planted radishes in the garden, had several picnics under the pavilion, rode bikes in front of the church, took many a walk on the grounds and will hold graduation services in the sanctuary.  The beauty of this place is not lost on us as we enjoy our surroundings.  We do our best to care for the space that we use and leave it in as good or better condition than we found it.  Sometimes that is challenging with 70 preschoolers, but we try.  

The parents also enjoy the environment as they spend a little time chatting with each other after school.  The children love to ring the bell and run around in the grass and shade.  This has been a favorite activity after school since Cherub began in 1988.  The play space has shifted a bit over the years, but this time after school is valuable to both parents and children.  We often refer to our students and parents as "The Cherub Family".  I have witnessed many life changing conversations between mothers, teachers and children after school as they share and minister to each others needs.  Being a young mother is challenging, and this time to just chat can be very beneficial.  So much of the focus of our school is on the children, but many times our ministry is just as valuable to the parents.

In January at the Annual Meeting I mentioned the need for "Cherub Angels", parishioners that were willing to provide financial assistance to some of our families.  I am pleased to say that the response was overwhelming.  This year we were able to assist two families that would have had to pull their children out of preschool without the help, and we were able to put additional funds in the savings for needs next year.  It has been such a blessing to help these families.  Most of our parents do not seek assistance, but offering them financial help directly from the church strengthens the concept of this being a ministry.  It creates a relationship between Immanuel and Cherub that is very valuable.

Throughout my time at Cherub I have sought opportunities to bring the church and the school together.  At times we appear to be separate programs just sharing space, and that impression can create conflict or division.  However, when we do come together to accomplish a task or overcome a concern, the unity is a blessing to all involved.  The Art Show this year was a prime example of coming together, we so appreciate all of the help parishioners gave in providing food items for the event.  Parents enjoyed meeting parishioners during the evening and chatting about Cherub and their children.  It was an evening of celebration and unity.  The "Cherub Angels" program was another example of unity as parishioners helped meet the financial burden of some families.

Naturally when sharing space there will be conflicts, and I hope you will let me know if you have concerns that I can address.  Please know that our intention in the space is to care for it as our own, and to be a productive part of this parish.  In return we hope that you will have patience with us when we make mistakes, and understand that the very nature of preschoolers can create some issues along the way.  With 70 plus children coming through this building each week, we are bound to leave a mark!  We hope that the marks we leave are positive, and we will attempt to fix any that aren't.  If you have concerns along the way please do not hesitate to let me know.  And if you ever feel that I am not performing at an appropriate expectation you can take your concerns to a school board member or vestry member and we will work to remedy the situation.

Overall, during school hours the entire property of Immanuel is an active place!  We truly appreciate the almost 30 years that Immanuel has given to this ministry and hope for many more to come.  Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to support this ministry.  We look forward to a positive working relationship with Immanuel and opportunities to further develop our partnership in the future.

-Joy Morgan

Low Country Boil for the Pilgrimage

You won't want to miss this delicious annual event! Make plans to join us on Saturday, June 3rd at either the 5pm or the 6:30pm seating in the Pavilion behind the Parish House.

Tickets will be on sale after church or in the Parish Office: $20 per shrimp boil meal, $7 per hot dog meal.  We do need to order ahead, so tickets must be purchased by Wednesday, May 31.

All proceeds benefit this summer's Liverpool-Virginia Pilgrimage.

Church Email Address Change

Verizon, which hosts the church's email, is getting out of the email business. So, we must transition to new email addresses. Britton Trimble, the Parish Administrator, can now be emailed at Joy Morgan, the Cherub School Director, and our new rector will soon have new email addresses, too. The old email addresses will be checked as long as they work. Unfortunately, Verizon has not given us a timeline.

Education for Ministry

EfM is a distance learning experience from the School of Theology at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee; " a program of theological education based on small group study and practice." Over 80,000 participants from all over the world have discovered and nurtured their call to Christian service through this program.

That's the party line, but read on for more information!

"Gets you to read the Bible!"

"During four years of EfM, I have developed a spiritual part of me I didn't know existed.  I have learned that there are many paths to one God, it is best to extend an open hand with a closed mouth, everything is better in community, and there are more questions than answers.  The search continues!"

"Strengthens your faith, while it helps you understand other faiths."

"It's given me the courage to discuss all kinds of questions and ideas."

"It opens your mind and heart."

"It helps you to develop insights."

Several weeks ago in one of our Monday night sessions, these were the comments that from members of our group when we began to talk about our future as EfM participants and "almost" graduates.  They echo the sentiments of past EfM participants here at Immanuel.  It is my feeling that the experience of EfM makes for a stronger church family, one in which we make decisions and base our actions on a theological bias.  As more and more of our parishioners graduate from this program, it is our hope that this influence will color our ministries.

In today's complicated world, learning about the ways to see your life through a spiritual lens can't provide you with all the answers, but it can give you a safe place to ask the hard questions, to learn how we got to where we are in today's church through the study of the Old and New Testaments, the history of the church, and by being introduced to theological reflection and readings. 

We will have room in our group for up to eight new members starting in the fall.  Registration materials will be available in mid-July and our sessions will begin in mid-September. 

Ask any current EfM participant or graduate about their experience!  Or check it out at!

This Sunday at Immanuel

Join us on this coming Sunday, May 28, for Holy Eucharist at 10am. The Rev. Pam Webb will be our supply priest. Godly Play starts at 9:55am. The 10am service will be followed by refreshments and Adult Christian Education.

Attention Graduates!

Are you graduating this spring from high school, college, or another program? If so, we'd like to recognize your accomplishment during the June 11 service. Please don't assume we know you are graduating, even if you've mentioned it in conversation; please contact Britton Trimble in the Parish Office (779-3454 or by May 25 and tell her your name, your school, and your degree.

Garden of Grace

Spring is here, so dig out your gardening tools and join us in the garden! Vegetables and flowers have been planted. Weeding and watering the plants are our current tasks.

Adult Christian Education

Join us in the library after refreshments on this coming Sunday as we continue our study on the Gospel of Matthew. Please contact Joan Beal for more information on our Adult Christian Education program.

Godly Play

Godly Play's last meeting of the program year will be on June 4. The children gather at 9:55am, and are brought to church to join their families for Holy Communion. 4 year olds through 2nd graders meet in the right side of the Parish Hall, while 3rd graders through 5th graders meet in the library.  


There are many families out there who need food, and CornerStone Food Bank folks work hard to help as many as possible! May's suggested items are peanut butter and jelly.  June's suggested items are ham, corned beef, and hamburger helper.

The Calendar for May 24-31

Thursday, May 25

  • Parish Office Closed
  • 9:15am - Cherub School End-Of-Year Program in the church, with a reception following in the Parish House

Friday, May 26

  • Parish Office Closed
  • 9:15am - Cherub School End-Of-Year program and Graduation in the church, with a reception following in the Parish House
Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 28
  • 10am - Holy Eucharist
  • 11:15am - Refreshments & Adult Christian Education
Monday, May 29 - Parish Office Closed - Happy Memorial Day! 

Tuesday, May 30 

  • 9am-2:45pm - Parish Office Hours
  • 6:30pm - Cub Scouts
  • 7pm - Venture Crew

Wednesday, May 31

  • 7:30pm - Choir