Wednesday Wireless - Immanuel's Weekly News Update

Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education resumes on Sunday, September 25, following refreshments. Join us as we view and discuss a DVD series, Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses. Author Bruce Feiler will take us on an amazing journey to sites of Biblical stories such as Mt. Ararat, the Temple Mount, Mt. Sinai, and St. Catherine's Monastery. Along the way, we'll meet local tour guides, archaeologists, monks, Bedouins, and tribal leaders.  As our host deepens in his faith, we will have the opportunity to explore our own.  No outside reading is required for this series, but you may want to begin reading Genesis in preparation. There is a companion book available. Contact Joan Beal for more information. 

Yard Sale for Honduras on August 20

Our annual Yard Sale for Honduras, which benefits the annual Mission Trip to Honduras, will be held 7:30am-12:30pm on Saturday, August 20. Please begin gathering items that you can donate for the sale.  All types of items are needed and welcome.  We ask that you drop your donations off at the Parish House during the week leading up to the Yard Sale, but no later than Friday afternoon, August 19.   

We also need your help on the weekend of the sale. We will price and sort all of the donated items on Friday evening, and would welcome all the help we can get. On Saturday, we'd love to have your help selling items.  If you have questions about items you are considering donating, or if you can help on Friday with pricing and sorting or on Saturday with selling, please contact Eleanor Fukushima, who is coordinating the Yard Sale.

If you would like more information about the mission trip to Honduras, or are interested in going on the trip in 2017, please contact Susan or Ron David, Gerry Gravatt, Boo Elmore, orJeff Piland

Thank you,

KHISH - The Kurtz Humanitarian Initiative in Southern Honduras

Walk In Love

Your Stewardship Committee has already been hard at work on the 2017 Stewardship program.  This year's program and theme is Walk in Love. Those three words are the beginning of the sentence we often hear spoken at the Offertory during the service of Holy Eucharist.  You'll be hearing more about Walk in Love in the coming weeks, but meanwhile we invite you to pray for Immanuel as we begin preparing our church for 2017. 

Search Comittee Update

Immanuel's Search Committee is meeting biweekly and working hard!  The Office of Transition Ministry of the Diocese of Virginia is providing guidance and assistance. The Rev. Dr. Mary Thorpe, Director, and Ed Keithly, Deputy Director, have met with the committee several times. 

You may recall that in the past Immanuel has created a detailed Parish Profile, including printed brochures, when we were in search for a Rector.  Times have changed and the Diocese of Virginia's Transition Office no longer advises the committee to spend time creating printed documents.  Instead, the committee is hard at work preparing Immanuel's OTM Community Portfolio, which includes the church's demographics, compensation, history, challenges, and vision for the future. The search committee is using results of our most recent survey to help prepare the OTM Community Portfolio and hopes to share the survey results as well as update everyone again on our search process in the near future. Meanwhile, the portfolio that the Search Committee creates will be uploaded into the Episcopal Church's Office for Transition Ministry's national database.  There, potential rectors can search for open positions and see Immanuel's information. 

We are also getting Immanuel's story out there through our website.  The Diocese's Office of Transition Ministry suggests telling the part of Immanuel's story not covered in the portfolio by making our website as up-to-date as possible. The site should, and will, include information that will be helpful to priests who may be interested in us. We've contracted with Frederico and Mary Garza of Garza Web Design to update our website to a more modern look.  (You may remember the Garzas from several years ago when Frederico was here at Immanuel doing an internship as part of his training for the Diaconate.)  The Garzas have created quite a few websites for area churches. Their work includes a redesign for St. James the Less' website that was undertaken as part of their search process. The existing version of our website continues to be available until the new one is ready. The new one should be available within a few weeks. 

Please keep Immanuel's Search Committee members in your prayers: The members are: Jim Trimble, Whitney Anderson, Pat Cowling, Boo Elmore, Suzy Miller, Alex Wilson, and Nerine Woodard. 

Office Hours

The Parish Office hours are generally Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm. 

The Rev. Charles Spigner's office hours will generally be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9am-3pm. Rev. Spigner encourages Immanuel's parishioners to contact him anytime for urgent pastoral matters at 703-629-5899 or

CornerStone's Annual Backpack and UnderCover Drive

Help Needy Families in our Area! We'll be collecting school supplies and underwear for those in need starting on Sunday, July 27. Please bring your donations to the collection bins in the Parish House no later than August 15.   

Needed school-related items include: Backpacks, #2 pencils, Colored pencils, Pens, Glue bottles, Glue sticks, Crayons, 3 ring binders, Paper (college & wide ruled), Composition notebooks, Washable markers,12 inch rulers, Pencil cases, Erasers, Folders, Sharpeners, Scissors, Index cards, and Geometrical instruments.

Also needed: undergarments for men, women, and children of all ages and sizes.

Church Inventory - We Need Your Help!

Carol Joyce is leading the effort to update and organize Immanuel's list of assets. In order to do that, we need to inventory all of our physical assets. We plan to divide this task up by room or location, and many hands will make light work!  If you would like to help, please contact Carol Joyce at her new email address:

Prayer List Update

Our prayer list is very long, and we are in the process of bringing it up to date.  So, please submit the name(s) of people who still need to be on the list, or people who can be removed. You can do this by filling out a Prayer List Update Card (available in the church and in the Parish House)  and placing it in the plate or returning it to the Parish Office. Thank you.

Donations for CornerStone

August's suggested donations include canned meats and beans. Thanks for all that you do to help those in need!

Shop At Kroger, Help Immanuel

Have you tried registering your Kroger Card with the Kroger Rewards program? It's a very easy way to benefit Immanuel, and not many of us are doing it. All you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card online, choose Immanuel (Kroger organization number 82682) under Community Rewards, and whenever you shop at Kroger Immanuel will get a small percentage back.  See Britton Trimble in the Parish Office for more information. Britton will even help you log in and set it up!

Making Sure the Parish House is Locked and Secured

If you are the last person to leave the Parish House, it's up to you to lock up and arm the security system.  If the system only beeps once when you try to arm it instead of starting the 45 second countdown of beeps, it's not armed. Pull the main door more tightly closed, stand still in front of the alarm panel for a moment, and try again.  If you set off the alarm by mistake, please call Britton Trimble, Parish Administrator immediately at 814-7342. Please call Britton if you have trouble arming the system. 

The Calendar for August 3-10

Friday, August 5:

  • Parish Office Closed

Sunday, August 7:

  • 10am - Holy Eucharist
  • 11:15am - Refreshments

Monday, August 8:

  • 7pm - Scouts

Tuesday, August 9:

  • 10am - Warden's Meeting
  • 6:30pm - Cub Scouts
  • 7pm - Search Committee Meeting