Wednesday Wireless - August 22, 2018

Wednesday Wireless - Immanuel's Weekly News Update

Parish House Renovation Thank You

A special thank you to all who participated in the Parish House Renovation with tasks both large and small, especially our wardens, vestry, and the many handy people of Immanuel. We are also thankful for the professional workers who put care into their tasks for us. And a thank you goes to those who organized the celebration on August 12th. God is good and we give thanks for experiences that bring us together.

Baptism, Confirmation, Reception and Transfer of Membership

With our formal Bishop's Visitation scheduled for Sunday, December 16, it is a good time to let the Rev. Chris Miller know if you are interested in baptism, confirmation, reception, or transfer of membership. Especially if interested in being confirmed or received, please email the Rev. Chris Miller at by Sunday, September 9.

Baptism: Never been baptized? What better time than now tomake a commitment to a life in Christ's community, the church? Baptisms can be celebrated throughout the year.

Confirmation: Were you baptized at a young age and now find yourself wanting to affirm the commitment that was made on your behalf by parents and godparents? This sacramental rite requires the presence and laying on of hands of a bishop. 

Reception: Were you confirmed in a different denomination or baptized as an adult in a different denomination? Maybe the Catholic Church? Or the Baptist Church? Reception into the Episcopal church requires the presence of a bishop and is the formal process of joining the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement for those coming from other Christian backgrounds.

Transfer of Membership: Were you baptized as an adult in an Episcopal church or baptized as a child and then confirmed in an Episcopal church that wasn't Immanuel? You can let the Rev. Chris Miller know if you want to formally transfer your membership to Immanuel. This process does not require a bishop, priest, or any additional sacraments or sacramental rites. 

Adult Formation Returns Sunday, September 9

Adult Formation takes place after worship in the library of the Parish House. All are welcome to participate. Our fall series will focus on the Parables of Jesus. Parable: from the Greek, meaning two things cast beside each other. This was Jesus' primary form of teaching his disciples. Simple stories? It is said, "If you read a parable and think you understand it, read it again." For more information speak with Joan Beal. 

Wednesday Wireless Note

Thank you for your patience with the Wednesday Wireless these past two weeks. We are near the end of searches to fill two staff positions at Immanuel. All will function at full speed once those positions are filled. In the meantime, please speak with the Rev. Chris Miller if you have any questions or concerns. 

Save the Dates

Sunday, September 16: United Thank Offering Sunday
Sunday, September 23: Annual Parish Picnic at Whitehall after regular 10:00 AM worship with guest preacher Bishop Ted Gulick
Sunday, October 7: Blessing of the Animals Service --> Bring as many animals as you can!!
Saturday, October 27: Steak and Oyster Roast with Trunk or Treat

CornerStone Thank You

An additional thank you goes out to the Immanuel community for filling up David Jennings' pickup truck with a load of contributions for Cornerstone. The challenge was accepted and the goal was achieved. We will continue to spread our love beyond our doors in all that we do. 

Church Closet and Cherub Closet

Please note that as part of the renovation work the Cherub School and Immanuel traded closets in the Parish House. 

The Cherub closet is now located across from the cleaning closet on the hallway that leads to the Cherub School classrooms. The Cherub closet is for Cherub School use only. 

The Church closet is now located next to the kitchen. The Church closet currently holds Godly Play materials, extra chairs, and various items that are used throughout the year. 

If you need help finding something please ask the Rev. Chris Miller. 

Parish House Kitchen

The Parish House kitchen has been cleaned and organized. Of particular note is the addition of a Cherub School cabinet for the many items the Cherub School uses throughout the week. If you can't find something or think we need something that you don't see, please mention it to the Rev. Chris Miller or Kay Jewell. Additionally, the table cloths are now located in two plastic boxes in the pantry on the floor. For event setup, table cloths can be accessed without the need for a key. 

Storing Our Tables and the New Chairs

The location of chair and table storage remains the same - down the hallway that leads to the library. Chairs can be stacked 20 to a cart. Three carts fit in one storage bay. Both the small Cherub tables and the large tables are now being stored vertically in the other storage bay. For events requiring more than 60 chairs, we will get the additional chairs in the new Church closet. 

Prayer List Updates

Please email the Rev. Chris Miller ( if you have anyone you would like added to our prayer list. You may also email Chris if there is anyone that you would like removed from the prayer list as circumstances change. 

Nursery Every Sunday

We have a nursery available every Sunday during our 10 AM service. The nursery is located inside the Parish House building, next to the church.

Summer Choir

During the summer months, please feel free to show up to church early on Sunday morning, find a robe, and hop in the procession with the choir. We welcome all levels of singing ability to join the Immanuel Choir.

CornerStone Food Bank

Thanks for your continued support of CornerStone's food pantry! August's suggested items include canned meat and beans.