Wednesday Wireless - August 1, 2018

New Chairs Have Arrived!!

Wednesday Wireless - Immanuel's Weekly News Update

Parish House Renovation Update

The Nursery and all three bathrooms are in working order. The main reception area and the kitchen remain closed while work continues. For safety and to minimize additional work for our sexton and our contractors, please follow instructions on all signs posted in the Parish House. We hope to regain access to all areas of the building soon. Stay tuned for more on an exact completion date. 

Parish House Renovation Celebration

Join us after church on Sunday, August 12 to celebrate the completion of the Parish House Renovation. We will have BBQ for lunch and a festive celebration of all the work that has gone into the renovation project. 

Old Photos of the Church

If you have old photographs of the church (especially interior photos) the 1853 Building Committee would love to see them. If you know of others who might have pictures too, we would appreciate you reaching out to see if we could have copies. Please mail or hand deliver any photos you can find to the Rev. Chris Miller.

Education for Ministry Registration Due August 5

Busting the Myths about EfM

As we approach the registration deadline for Immanuel's EfM enrollment for 2018-19, we'd like to give you some additional things to ponder.

Myth #1: I can't commit to four years of study.

EfM has the flexibility to allow you to make the decision to enroll on a year by year basis. You can enroll, complete a year, and enroll again when it suits you. You pick up where you left off. Some folks have waited years to finish, or intentionally space out their experience.

Myth #2: I don't want to risk losing my tuition if I have to drop out because of illness or a work/family situation.

If you have to drop out, your tuition paid can be credited on a pro rata basis when you re-enroll the next year. And you will likely have the books you need.

Myth #3: I can't afford this right now, but I am really interested.

The University of the South offers reduced tuition to a limited number of enrollees each year. In addition, Immanuel offers the Bud McCaul Scholarship Fund, which is available to students of any age. Several of our EfM participants have been able to take advantage of this generous bequest from a former member. If the cost is the only thing holding you back, speak to the rector or an EfM mentor, and we will find a way!

Myth #4: I never started/finished college-I am afraid the reading and other work will be too challenging.

The supporting textbooks for the first two years are written by college professors, but are very readable and understandable. The Bible-you've been reading and listening to it for years! The other supporting textbooks are written for the general public. Some have been bestsellers! And there are always other ways to approach the learning-almost all the books are available in audio versions, some in video versions. No matter what your learning style, we can accommodate it.

Myth #5: I may be moving away from the area and will have to drop out.

EfM is offered all over the USA and all over the world as well. No matter where you go, you'll be able to find an EfM group! It's even available on line!

We have room in our group for up to three new participants-won't you join us?

Enrollment forms are available in the church office. Payment is due by Sunday, August 5, 2018.

Prayer List Updates

Please email the Rev. Chris Miller ( if you have anyone you would like added to our prayer list. You may also email Chris if there is anyone that you would like removed from the prayer list as circumstances change. 

Nursery Every Sunday

We have a nursery available every Sunday during our 10 AM service. The nursery is located inside the Parish House building, next to the church.

Summer Choir

During the summer months, please feel free to show up to church early on Sunday morning, find a robe, and hop in the procession with the choir. We welcome all levels of singing ability to join the Immanuel Choir.

CornerStone Food Bank

Thanks for your continued support of CornerStone's food pantry! July's suggested items include meat stew and vegetables.