Out of Old Church - September 13, 2018

Out of Old Church - Immanuel's Weekly News Update

Music Director

After a season of hard work and discernment to determine what our needs are and who God has called to serve with us, the wardens and I are excited to inform you that Justin Williams has been hired as our Music Director. 

Justin will be with us on Sundays and holy days playing the organ and the piano, he will direct our choir, and will work with me on hymn selection and special musical offerings at Immanuel. 

Justin is an extremely talented musician. He can play many instruments, seemingly with great ease. Arguably of most importance for this role, Justin is a gifted and thoughtful teacher of music. 

I think back on the past year, from Palm Sunday with a violin to Jazz Sunday on the piano, and rejoice knowing that we are in good hands as we offer a joyful noise to the Lord in worship.

Justin has this to say:

"It is my privilege and honor to be appointed as Immanuel's new Music Director. As your interim organist, I quickly fell in love with the Episcopal service, the Old Church and the welcoming community of believers. Thank you for your support and warmness this past year. I am now happy to call this church my home.

Choir rehearsals will begin Wednesday, September 19th and all are Welcome! You do not need to know how to read music or have an angelic singing voice. We will be learning how to sight-sing and prepare Anthems for notable Sundays. I hope you will join me as we grow our choir and create a joyful atmosphere for worship."

Special thanks goes to David Jennings and Eleanor Fukushima for their service on our search committee. Additionally, I continue to offer praise for our vestry, and especially our wardens, Warren Rice and Pat Cowling. Our communal leadership and wisdom is tremendous.

After three weeks in a row of staff/volunteer announcements, I am going to take some time off from announcing new hires. Let's get back to tending this special part of God's earth that we have been given in Old Church. 


Weather Update

As Hurricane Florence approaches, it is a good time to reiterate that safety is of the utmost importance.

If weather events ever make it too dangerous to come to church on a Sunday morning or for another event, please do use your best judgement. Additionally, I know with certainty that we have an extremely helpful and capable community. If help with weather preparations is ever needed, please consider reaching out to your church community. We are here for each other.

Let us hold our brothers and sisters just south of us in prayer these coming hours.

If we do cancel a Sunday morning worship service for weather related issues, we will send an email to this list. If you don't receive an email cancelling church, you can expect that our doors will be open on Sunday morning. 

Weekly E-News Update

Due to staff schedules and the flow of information, we are moving our Wednesday Wireless to Thursdays. Given its name, that requires a new title. While new to our e-news letter, we will be using a title familiar to most: "Out of Old Church." In the past, this has been the name of our snail mail newsletter. If you are on this list, you will continue to receive weekly updates about what is happening at Immanuel. Expect an email with "Out of Old Church" in the subject arriving on Thursdays. 

If you have requests for information to be included in an upcoming Out of Old Church, please email the Rev. Chris Miller at cmiller@immanueloc.org at least two weeks prior to the desired issue date. Keep in mind that the Out of Old Church communications are for Immanuel-specific information, generally relevant to the entire community or relating to events that are open to the entire community. 

Godly Play Returns Sunday, September 16

Godly Play, our children's formation program for age 5 through 5th grade begins on Sunday, September 16 in the Parish House during the first half of our 10 AM worship service. Parents should bring their children to the Parish House around 9:55 AM before heading over to the church.

United Thank Offering on Sunday, September 16

Please bring your UTO boxes to church on Sunday, September 16th and place them in the offering plates while the offering is being collected. We will have extra boxes in the back of the church this Sunday if you need one. A request from your treasurers is to please refrain from places non-U.S. currency in the UTO boxes. 

Parish Picnic: Sunday, September 23

Our annual parish picnic is Sunday, September 23 at Whitehall in Walkerton. Come to church for our 10 AM worship service and then we will head to Whitehall for a fun afternoon on the river. Directions will be provided on the 23rd. Consider bringing a folding chair and a side dish to share. Fried chicken and drinks will be provided. Please speak with Eleanor Fukushima or Boo Elmore if you have any questions. 

Acolyte Training on 9/30

On Sunday, September 30th, we will have an acolyte training in the church immediately following the service. Anyone interested in being an acolyte should attend. Please speak with the Rev. Chris Miller or Eleanor Fukushima if you have any questions. 

Youth Service Opportunity

Calling all middle and high school students at Immanuel! We are hoping to get our youth involved in the monthly dinner preparations for the Men's Shelter in Richmond. Please email cmiller@immanueloc.org if you have a middle or high school student so we can share more information about this opportunity to serve our community. 

Adult Formation on Sundays

Adult Formation takes place after worship in the library of the Parish House. All are welcome to participate. Our fall series is focused on the Parables of Jesus. Parable: from the Greek, meaning two things cast beside each other. This was Jesus' primary form of teaching his disciples. Simple stories? It is said, "If you read a parable and think you understand it, read it again." For more information speak with Joan Beal. 

Choir Rehearsal at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 19

Our first fall choir rehearsal will be in the church at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, September 19. All are welcome to participate in our choir. Rehearsals are fun learning experiences and the choir has tremendous camaraderie. Be there if you can!

Prayer List Updates

Please send an email to cmiller@immanueloc.org and mheath@immanueloc.org if you would like a name included on the prayer list for four weeks (short term) or indefinitely (long term). Please include the name as you would like it listed and state "Short Term" or "Long Term." Of course, you are welcome to email us to continue to include a name that has been listed as "short term" if circumstances have not changed in four weeks. 

Flu Shots on 9/30

One of our resident nurses, Irene Hollins, will offer flu shots to those who are interested after church on Sunday, September 30th. The cost is $35 for a regular dose and $60 for a high dose for those over 65 years old. All insurance including one Medicare is accepted. Please bring your insurance card. This offering is for adults only. Make sure you add your name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Parish House to reserve your spot. 

Nursery Every Sunday

We have a nursery available every Sunday during our 10 AM service. The nursery is located inside the Parish House building, next to the church.

CornerStone Food Bank

Thanks for your continued support of CornerStone's food pantry! September's suggested items include vegetables and beans. Please leave contributions just inside the main entrance to the church.