Worship Ministries

Our Worship Ministries


Acolytes assist with serving the altar, leading processions and helping the rector as needed in the service. Training sessions for acolytes are held periodically where clergy, adult leaders and experienced acolytes teach new recruits about their part in the liturgy. All parishioners ages eight and over are welcomed to this ministry.


Chalicers assist by serving the wine during communion.

Eucharistic Visitors 

Eucharistic visitors take communion from the worship service to members of the congregation who are unable to attend worship.

Lay Readers

During the worship service, lay readers read the scriptures and lead "The Prayers of the People."


Ushers help prepare the church for worship, distribute service bulletins, seat the congregation, collect the offering, and assist members during Holy Communion. There are usually two or three men or women who serve a month at a time.


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   Lay readers, Chalicers and Eucharistic Visitors


   Altar Guild