Vestry and Treasurers

Vestry Meetings

    Stained Glass Window in Immanuel Church

    The vestry usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. beginning with Evening Prayer in the church. If you would like to propose an agenda item for cosnideration at our next vestry meeting, please email the Rev. Chris Miller at least a week prior to the meeting. 


    Vestry of Immanuel Episcopal Church

    • The Rev. Chris Miller, Chair
    • Warren Rice, Senior Warden
    • ​Pat Cowling, Junior Warden
    • Shelley Loving-Ryder, Register
    • Cheryl Anderson
    • Irene Hollins
    • David Jennings
    • Bill Jewell
    • Sally Montgomery
    • ​Alex Wilson

    Treasurers of Immanuel Episcopal Church

    • Mickey Jennings
    • Lindsay Ryland