Policies and Procedures

The information below is reflective of our normal policies and procedures. During the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to adapt our policies and procedures as needed. 

Policies and Procedures


Drop off begins at 8:50am.  A teacher will greet your child on the sidewalk in front of the school between 8:50am and 9:00am.  If you arrive before that time, please wait until a teacher greets you before allowing your child into the building or out of the car.  If you arrive after 9:00am, please escort your child into the school and leave him or her with a teacher.

Children will be dismissed promptly at noon when their parent arrives.  If someone other than a parent is going to pick up your child, the Director must have written permission from you. For your child’s protection and in accordance with state guidelines, your child cannot be released to another person without written permission or to anyone who does not appear responsible.  If you or a responsible adult cannot pick up your child, please contact the school to make us aware of your situation.  If a child has not been picked up within one hour, the Director will contact the proper authorities.

For the safety of all persons, please stay on the sidewalk when walking to and from your car.  No cars should be left running when an adult is not in attendance.  The road beside the church is used by our neighbors, please be mindful of traffic when parking and crossing the street. 


Birthdays will be celebrated monthly for all children who have a birthday during that month.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May.  Parents will be asked to provide a special snack for their child’s birthday month. 

Please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless you are inviting the entire class.  This is often the source of hurt feelings and teasing.  A school roster will be provided to you so that you can mail invitations directly.


The staff is required by law to report any suspicion of child abuse.  A teacher who suspects abuse will report it to the director, who will then contact the Department of Social Services if she/he deems necessary.


At the beginning of the year, your child will be grouped with other children of the same age and will participate in activities with this group.  To ensure that each child receives individual attention and encouragement, each class is limited to ten children, and our ratio of teachers to students is no more than one to ten.  Our 21/2 year old class will contain no more than eight.  We think that keeping the size of the classes small is key to providing a positive experience for the children.  There are times during the day when all children are together, such as snack and music.  This gives the children time to visit with friends in other groups.  Total school enrollment is limited to forty eight children on any one day.


Classes meet September through May from 9:00am to Noon.  It is generally recommended that three year olds attend two days a week and four year olds attend three days a week.  For those children who have attended preschool for two years and just miss entering Kindergarten, a five-day class is available.  We will also offer a 2 1/2 year old class for those children who miss entering school by less than 6 months.  The school is closed during the summer.


Children should wear clothes that allow them to be self-reliant when they use the bathroom.  Children should wear tennis shoes.  Dress shoes, boots, or slip-ons are inappropriate and may be dangerous for many of our activities.  We play hard at school so please do not send your children in their best, it may get messed up during the day.  Mark all sweaters, coats, jackets, etc. with your child’s name.  An extra set of clothing will be kept at school, complete with socks and underwear.  This will be used for emergencies.  Please put the clothes in a Ziploc bag and write the child’s name on the front.


We welcome your questions about how your child is doing at school.   Please contact the Director or the teaching team anytime there is a question or concern.

To help you understand what your child is doing at school, each month you will receive a newsletter that will provide information about upcoming events, monthly themes, and objectives.  Monthly calendars and volunteer sheets are posted on the parent bulletin board area.  Activities of the day are also posted in this area.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about your child’s day.


Conference days are scheduled in the spring.  Two-way communication is vital to providing the best understanding of your child’s needs, and we hope you will schedule this time into your calendar.  Written progress reports will be distributed in both the fall and the spring.  Again, we welcome any questions about how your child is doing at school.  Please call us any time you have a concern.


We believe that discipline is an on-going teaching process to be measured with love and fairness.  Appropriate behavior and safety rules will be demonstrated and explained by the teachers.  We constantly observe and compliment each child at every opportunity and re-direct as needed.  Short time-outs will be used if necessary (lasting about one minute per year of age).  Parents will be informed if a child has a particularly bad day or if there is a recurrent problem.


Children will be accepted regardless of sex, creed or race.  Children must be three by September 30, and must be potty trained.   Our 2 1/2 year olds must be 2 by March 31 in order to attend.  The Director will follow the State Guidelines in determining admittance into school.


Emergency drills will be conducted at least once monthly.  These drills will include fire, tornado and stranger drills.  Procedures are in place for any type of emergency, including natural and man-made disasters.  You will be contacted by staff if there is an emergency at the school.  If you would like to see a copy of our emergency plan please see the Director.


The Director must have an up-to-date health form signed by your child’s physician by the first day of school.  If your child is ill or will not be attending school, please notify the director by calling the school or through email.  Children with contagious diseases are not permitted to attend.  If your child appears to be sick at school, he or she will be separated from the other children.  The Director will ask you, or the person responsible for your child, to pick up your child immediately.  Children should be free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness.

Anytime a child develops a long-term illness that requires special care or facilities not available at The Cherub School, the Board may require that the child withdraw from the school.


All staff members are certified annually by a practicing physician to be free of any disability that would prevent them from caring for children.


We follow the schedule of closings for holidays and inclement weather of Hanover County School system.  Please listen to the radio or television news for information on closing or late openings.  If Hanover Schools open one or two hours late, The Cherub School will open at 10:00am and dismiss at noon.  As a general rule, snow days are not made up at the end of the year.


Accidental injury insurance is provided through the school.  Immanuel Episcopal Church also carries liability insurance that cover The Cherub School and its activities.


We only administer emergency medications such as glucagon and epipens.  All medications are kept locked in the Director’s office.  Medication must be in an original box with the pharmacy label attached.  A permission form must be completed by the parent. 

The Cherub School does not apply any type of topical ointment including diaper cream, bug spray and/or suntan lotion.


The Cherub School welcomes and encourages family involvement in our program.  If you wish to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer form available at open house or through the Director.  Opportunities will be available at special events and celebrations.  We also need volunteers frequently to assist in preparing classroom materials.


If you wish to withdraw your child from the school, please give the Director two weeks advance notice.  If notice is not given, an additional two weeks tuition will be due.  Generally, tuition is not refundable except by approval of The Cherub School Board for exceptional situations.

The Board may immediately dismiss any child who seems unable to participate in group experiences or exhibits uncontrollable behavior.  A child may also be dismissed if a parent is negligent in abiding by school policies.


The Cherub School has an experienced and dedicated staff.  Our staff members are trained in infant and child first aid, CPR, medication administration, recognizing signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect, preventing child abuse, health screening and procedures for the exclusion of sick children, fire safety, and playground safety.  The staff regularly attends workshops and training programs to keep abreast of current research and development in early childhood education.