Marketing and Communication

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Marketing and communication is the work of the Evangelism Committee, better known as  ECOMM. Its members are responsible for recommending and developing effective signage, publications, Web site content, advertising and other promotional materials and activities. We also welcome newcomers in coordination with the Newcomers Committee.

We coordinate publicity for major church events, and we provide advice and suggestions about promoting other events. Read below for our Do-It-Yourself Publicity Tips.

If you'd like to help, please contact Paula Neely, Lindsay Ryland or Betty Booker Morriss.

Do-It-Yourself Publicity Tips

The Immanuel Church Marketing and Communications Committee, also known as the ECOMM committee, will provide promotional support for major church-sponsored events. For all other events, please follow these do-it yourself suggestions. If you have questions, please contact the committee chairmen. 

1. Calendar Listings

Send calendar information to the following publications about four to six weeks prior to the event. Some calendars require at least two weeks advance notice. Be sure to include the name of the event, brief description, date, location, cost, and phone number/Web site address for more information. Also include your name and contact information in case the editors need more information. If you have any photos that could accompany the listing, send those, too. JPEG format is preferred.

Mechanicsville Local

Melody Kinser, Editor



Greg Glassner, Editor


360 View


Richmond Times Dispatch

Pat Row, Calendar Editor


Style Weekly


Diocese of Virginia E-Communique

2. Online Calendars

Visit the following Web sites and enter your event information as directed. Note: many require submission at least 2 weeks in advance.  




WWBT 12          (click on 12 About Town)


WRIC 8             (Click on Community/Events Calendar)


WTVR 6           


3. Immanuel Newsletters, Sunday Bulletin and Other Communications

Be sure to provide the Parish Administrator ( with an article on the event for the Wednesday Wireless, the monthly newsletter, the Sunday Bulletin and the Web site. The Web site has sections for news and events where information and photos can be published. If you want to develop a special section or photo page about the event on the Web site, please contact Paula Neely at


Monthly newsletter: by the 10th of the month

Wednesday Wireless: by early Wednesday morning

Sunday Bulletin: by Wednesday afternoon.


4. Fliers

You may want to create a colorful promotional flier about the event for distribution to the Cherub School families, visitors and the congregation. Design something catchy on your home computer, print it out and ask Britton about making copies on the church copy machine in color or on colored paper. These can also be distributed via e-mail to special interest groups if you have their e-mail addresses. You can also ask convenience stores and other locations in the area if you can leave a quantity near the cash register for customers to pick up.


5. Banners

We have banners for some annual events that are displayed on the edge of the church grounds near the rectory. If new banners need to be developed, the cost will need to be deducted from the proceeds of the event. Digital Signs on Old Mechanicsville Tnpk. and Logomotion near Battlefield Green provide good quality banners at reasonable prices. 


6. Advance Feature Stories

Depending on the event, you may be able to submit an advance feature story to area newspapers that they will run in addition to the calendar listing. For example, you might want to highlight a performer who be featured at the event or someone in the community who has made a special or unique contribution to the event. Or, it may just be a more detailed article about what the event will include. The deadline for submitting these stories is usually about a week in advance. Include a few photos if available.


7. Advertising

We have advertised major events such as the Garden Fair in the Mechanicsville Local and the Herald-Progress in the past. You can expect to pay about $150 for a small display ad and the cost will be deducted from the proceeds of the event.


8. Talk it Up

Talk about the event during the announcements in church on Sunday and afterwards at the reception.