Key Contacts

Key Contacts

To reach the following people, please contact the Church Office. If you are a parishioner, individual phone and e-mail addresses are available in your church directory. If you have comments about this site, please click here to contact the Web "servant."

3263 Old Church Road

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

(804) 779-3454

Fax (804) 779-0396


Immanuel Church Staff

Rector - The Reverend Christopher H. Miller

Parish Administrator:  Britton Trimble

Sexton: Sesilia Coles

Treasurers: Lindsay Ryland, Mickey Jennings

Vestry Members

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Committee Chairs

Altar Guild   Boo Elmore

Cemetery   Warren Rice

Christian Education

   Children:  MaryBeth Ivanhoe, Ann Sydnor, and Heather Wilson

   Youth: Open

   Intergenerational: Joan Beal

   Adult: Joan Beal

EfM Education for Ministry  Lindsay Ryland

Cherub School Board  Carol Joyce,

Finance  Lindsay Ryland

Knitting Group  Lindsay Ryland

Landscape  Page Causey

Marketing and Communications/Welcoming Team  Paula Neely

Nursery  Mary Beth Ivanhoe

Outreach  David Jennings

Stewardship  John Fulton

Immanuel Old Church Foundation

Holly Hamel, Chair

Richard Neely, Treasurer