History and Purpose

History and Purpose

Parish Hall

The Cherub School was established in 1988 as a non-profit ministry of Immanuel Episcopal Church to help meet the demand for preschool education in eastern Hanover, New Kent, and King William counties.

The church supports the school by providing the classroom space and by providing members to serve on The Cherub School Board.  The church receives no financial benefit from the school.  Neither does it impose its theology or doctrine on the school.  Children do say grace before meals, learn about the Christian meaning of holidays, and learn to respect the dignity of all persons.  Children of all backgrounds and heritage are welcome.

The Cherub School Board oversees the planning and operation of the school and employs a school Director to plan and supervise daily activities.  Established by the Vestry of the church, the board includes seven members, the majority of whom are members of Immanuel Church.  Two positions on the board are filled by parents whose children are currently attending the school. 


At The Cherub School we think that learning should be fun.  Instead of dispensing knowledge, our goal is to facilitate the child’s discovery by providing an enjoyable and enriching environment with an atmosphere of trust and safety.  We help children make new friends while developing positive social values, independence, and readiness skills that will help them enter kindergarten with confidence and ease.

Our objectives are to assist your child:

  • Develop an attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy and helpfulness towards others
  • Develop self-control, independence and self reliance
  • Further the development of large and small muscle control
  • Develop problem solving skills