Daily Routine

Our Daily RoutineRinging the bell

Through music, arts and crafts, stories, and play experiences, your child will learn about various monthly themes such as sea life, community helpers, and fairy tales.  Outdoor play, games and art activities will help your child develop large and small muscle coordination and problem solving skills.  During all of our activities we stress cooperation, good manners, self-control, and independence. 

During the day, children move with their group every thirty minutes into different rooms designated for activities in dramatic play, language arts, math games, science exploration, art, and story time.  The children also enjoy snacks, music, outdoor play, show and share, and special events.


Monthly themes are explored through painting, clay, coloring, and what-have-you!  We ask your child to listen while materials are presented and then create what they want based on their interests, skills, creativity, imagination, and sometimes even what other children are observed doing with the materials.  Some activities may be done individually, some cooperatively, and some may last several days.  The process of art is more important than the finished product.


In the playroom, your child may build with blocks, play in the home area, dress up, explore computers or play with a variety of toys, either alone or with others.  The props in this room change periodically.  This time is designated to help your child learn cooperation, sharing, respect for property, and use of imagination.


In the center room a variety of activities are offered to promote language arts, science and math skills.  Each group of children will learn about the calendar, weather, and current events.  They will be exposed to manipulatives, which help develop sorting, classifying and sequencing skills.  They will be introduced to problem solving skills, and writing opportunities.  Items in this room will change periodically to help emphasize a particular theme.


Our school library contains many books for the children to enjoy.  Each child will have the opportunity to check out one book each week.  The purpose is to foster a love of books while giving the children the responsibility for their care.  This also provides a great opportunity for you to spend some one on one time with your child at home.

 The teachers will share many stories with the children in the library as well.  Our stories are centered on the themes for the month.  This time provides an opportunity for children to practice listening, participating in discussions, and predicting outcomes. 

 Along with story time the children enjoy a variety of music experiences, including singing, dancing and instruments.  We sing simple songs with finger plays, which help increase listening skills and knowledge of our bodies and how they move. 


Weather permitting, we will go outside everyday!  Through games and imaginative play, we develop gross motor coordination and just work off energy.  Our outside time helps develop large motor skills as well as taking turns and sharing.


Once a week we will have show and share.  Children are encouraged to bring items that focus on the theme.  This activity is intended to help your child learn to talk in front of a group and share with others. 


Snack is served about 10:15 each day.  Everyone washes his/her hands and then joins together in the large room.  The children say a brief prayer of thanks before we eat.  Each child will be responsible for bringing his or her own snack.  The Department of Social Services recommends that each child have two components.  Some suggestions include apples and crackers, cheese and grapes, pretzels and yogurt.  We do ask that you send a healthy snack and avoid cookies, cake, chips and candy.


Special activities are scheduled to enrich our units of study.  These activities may include computer training, physical education, special guests, and dramatic programs.  We encourage parents to be involved by sharing a talent or interest with the children, volunteering for story times, or joining us at special celebrations.

The Cherub School does not take any field trips and therefore does not provide any transportation.  On occasion we will schedule an after school trip, however the staff will not be responsible for children.  On these outings we will arrange a meeting place for families to join some of the staff in a fun, enriching activity.